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Mochi Matcha Ganache


Mochi Matcha Ganache
Mochi Matcha Ganache


Mochi is one of those classic Japanese desert snacks that is highly addictive and delicious due to its unique texture and tasty fillings. Although it may seem intimidating at first Mochi is incredibly easy to make at home. For this recipe, I wanted to create a simple way to make Mochi by doing so using only a pan. As for the filling I went with a simple matcha ganache as I guessed the western pallet may not be too familiar with sweet red beans known as Anko. Let’s get straight to it!


Matcha Ganache

  1. Start by making the ganache, in a small pan add 80ml of whipping cream and place onto a medium heat. Whilst we wait to heat the cream, in a large mixing bowl finely add 200g of finely chopped white chocolate and 12g of soft unsalted butter. Bring the cream up to the boil then immediately when boiling remove from the heat and add the hot cream to the chocolate and butter. Allow to sit for 1 minute without stirring to enable the chocolate to melt.

2. When the chocolate has slightly melted now add 2 tbsps of matcha powder and a pinch of salt. Mix the melted chocolate well until smooth and all ingredients have nicely combined. When ready divide the ganache mixture into a small silicone cylinder mould then place into the fridge for 3-4 hours to set. If you do not have a mould then simply place into a bowl to set then when ready mould into sphere shapes.

3. When the ganache has set the simplest way to create a sphere is to lightly heat a baking tray then place the half spheres onto the tray for a few seconds. When the ganache starts to melt remove and stick together smoothing out the seal. When all the spheres are prepared place back into the fridge and we can now make the mochi.


4. Now that the ganache is ready we can move onto making the mochi. In a small pan add 248ml of water, 165g glutinous rice flour and 83g of white sugar. Mix all ingredients well with a spatula until all of the ingredients are combined to form a smooth liquid. When ready place the pan onto a medium heat and constantly stir with a spatula to prevent the mix from burning.

5. Continue to cook out the mix until lumps start to occur and until a sticky dough starts to form. This process is quite similar to the Tangzhong method when making milk bread. When the dough forms and becomes sticky turn the heat down to low and continue to cook out the dough until it becomes almost transparent. You know the mochi is ready when it becomes difficult to stir with a spatula as the dough has become far too sticky.

6. Now time to work with the mochi by hand, to make working with the mochi far easier dust a work top generously (I mean generously) with cornflour. Now using a spatula fight with the pan to place all of the mochi onto the cornflour (take care as the mochi is extremely hot). Coat the Mochi all over by lightly kneading into the cornflour, then when you can feel that it is more manageable to work with roll the dough into a thick cylinder shape.

7. Divide the mochi into 8-10 pieces (depending on how many ganache spheres you have). Coat your hands well with cornflour and roll each piece of mochi into small balls. Flatten each ball of mochi carefully with your palm ensuring your palm at all times is well coated in cornflour. When the mochi is a flat disk, place 1 piece of ganache into the centre of the mochi. Carefully wrap the ganache in the mochi then seal by pinching the bottom of the mochi gap (you can reuse any excess mochi that is left from each ball). Repeat this process until all the ganache has been used.

8. When all the mochi has been made we can now serve, dust off lightly any excess cornflour left outside the dough with a small brush then lightly dust the top of the mochi with some matcha powder. Serve with some fresh green tea and nourish…

Additional notes

I personally prefer to leave the mochi in the refrigerator over night. This allows the mochi to absorb any cornflour left on and I think the dough becomes even more elastic and delicious. As for alternative things to fill the mochi with then Anko, ice cream or mung bean also is extremely popular. Have fun making mochi!!!


To make 8-10 mochi
248ml water
165g glutinous rice flour
83g white sugar
cornflour for shaping
Matcha ganache:
200g good white chocolate
80ml whipping cream
12g unsalted butter
2 tbsp matcha powder
pinch of salt