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In the lab mindset

Welcome to 17 NGON!

Ngon is Vietnamese for delicious, and 17 is... well 17.

The aim of this page is to share with you all my food ideas that you can try for yourself or adapt and recreate something new.

As for myself, I trained in French classical cuisine working in various restaurants of a similar nature. The most important thing that I learned was to keep it simple and to always source the best ingredients you can get a hold of.

I have been fortunate enough to travel a lot, especially throughout Asia. This is where I discovered food that really excited me and gave me a desire to share this style of cuisine with you. What I love most about Asian cuisine is not only its health benefits but it is also packed full of flavour. From bone broths to slow braises, I would like to invite you to try some of my recipes that I have picked up along my food journey.

These recipes are all unique to my style of cooking but still maintain the authenticity of asian cuisine.​

With all that said, enjoy this space and let’s get straight into it!​

Happy cooking!