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Matcha White Chocolate Spheres



For this recipe, I wanted to create a mousse but with a slight twist. I decided to create a layered mousse sphere with elements of white chocolate, matcha and mint. I wanted the inner layer to be light and fresh so that it would help balance the richness of the middle white chocolate mouse layer. For the outer layer, I made a white chocolate mirror glaze that was coloured and flavoured with matcha. This is a slightly long recipe however you can break it down into mini recipes if you wish and use either the mirror glaze or a recipe for a white chocolate mousse. This recipe takes 2 days to prepare as we need to give time for each layer to set, therefore I will split it up into day 1 and 2. With all that said let’s get it!


Day 1:
Mint Matcha Core:


1. Let’s begin by making the inner core for the spheres. Start by adding 15ml of cold water to 2g of gelatin powder in a small bowl. Leave the gelatin to swell up in the water (approximately 10 minutes). Whilst we are waiting on the gelatin to swell, in a mixing bowl whisk 1 egg yolk and 15g of sugar until light and fluffy then place to one side. Now in a pan add 80ml of water, 30ml cream, 1 tbsp matcha and some finely sliced mint leaves or mint flavouring. Bring the liquid to a boil then when the liquid reaches boiling point remove from the heat. Add the bloomed gelatin to the hot liquid and stir well until the gelatine dissolves.


2. When the gelatin has dissolved slowly add all the liquid in stages to the egg yolk and sugar stirring continuously. When all ingredients are combined place the mix into a pan and place onto a medium to low heat. Stir the mix with a spatular until the liquid becomes thicker and is able to coat the back of a spoon. When at the right consistency remove from the heat then equally divide the mix into a small round pop cake silicon mould. Allow to cool then place the silicon mould into a freezer for around 3 hours.

White Chocolate Mousse:

3. When the matcha mint core has frozen set, we can now begin to make the mousse. Add 20ml of cold water to 4g of gelatin powder and again allow the gelatin to bloom. Now add 150g of white cooking chocolate and 120ml of the cream to a mixing bowl. Place the bowl on top of a pan with approx a cup of water to create a ban marie. Place onto a low heat and melt the chocolate in the cream until smooth and silky. (Take care not to allow the bowl to touch the simmering water and not too overheat the chocolate). When ready remove the chocolate from the heat then add the bloomed gelatin and mix until the gelatin has dissolved. When ready place the chocolate to one side.

4. Now in a separate bowl add 160ml of heavy cream and whisk until stiff peaks are formed. When the chocolate has cooled add to the whipped cream and add the zest of 1/2 a lemon. Fold in the chocolate to the cream until smooth.

5. When the mousse is ready add the mousse mixture to a piping bag then pipe the mousse into a large 1/2 sphere silicon mould. Fill the moulds up to approx 80% full leaving enough room to add the matcha mint core. Now remove the set matcha mint 1/2 spheres from the silicon mould and place into the centre of the mousse and carefully press into the mousse. Repeat this process until all of the mousses have a matcha mint core. Tidy the edges of the 1/2 spheres with a small pallet knife then place into the freezer over night to allow them to freeze.

Day 2:
Matcha White Chocolate Glaze:

6. By this point on day 2 the 1/2 spheres of mousse should have frozen set. Before glazing with the mirror glaze we need to stick the 1/2 spheres together. To do this remove the 1/2 spheres of mousse from the silicon mould then place two of the 1/2 spheres briefly into a hot pan to allow the mousse to slightly melt. Remove from the pan and carefully connect the 2 halves together. When all the spheres are connected place back into the freezer. (You can smooth out the seal by using a hot pallet knife).

7. Now the spheres are ready we can make the glaze. Add 60ml of cold water to 10g of gelatin powder and again allow the gelatin to bloom. In a bowl add 175g of white chocolate and place to one side for now. Then in a small pan add 80ml of water, 150g sugar and 100g of condensed milk and bring to a boil. When boiling remove from the heat and add the hot liquid to the chocolate and allow the hot liquid to melt the chocolate for 5 minutes.

8. After 5 minutes the chocolate should now have melted. Using a stick blender, blend the chocolate with the liquid until silky smooth. When smooth add the bloomed gelatin and 2 tbsp of matcha powder. Mix together until all ingredients are incorporated then sieve the mix into a pouring jug. Allow the glaze to cool to a core temperature of 32°c – 35°c. (This temperature is key to give the spheres a nice glaze, best to use a thermometer for this stage).

9. When the temperature of the glaze cools to between 32°c and 35°c it’s now time to glaze. Remove the set spheres from the mould and place onto a wire baking rack. Pour the glaze evenly over the spheres until glazed. When all the spheres are glazed place the wire rack into the fridge and allow the mirror glaze to set for at least 1 hour.

10. After 1 hour the mirror glaze has now set and we can now finally serve! Carefully place each sphere onto a plate and dust lightly with matcha powder. Add some black sesame seeds over the top then we are good to go. Hope you like my take on a mousse.

Additional notes

You can take only the mousse from this recipe and set that in a mould to make things so much easier. In terms of what else to use instead of white chocolate, you could use dark or milk and instead of the matcha, you could add citrus fruits, alcohol or berries. Have fun with this one!


To make 4 spheres:
White Chocolate Mousse:
150g white chocolate
120g heavy cream
160g heavy cream (chilled)
4g gelatin powder
20ml cold water
1/2 lemon zest
Mint Matcha core:
1 tbsp matcha powder
10ml mint essence or 5g fresh mint
2g gelatin powder
1 egg yolk
30g heavy cream
80ml water
Matcha white chocolate glaze:
175g white chocolate
150g sugar
80ml water
100g condensed milk
2 tbsp matcha powder
10g gelatin powder
60ml water (chilled)
Black sesame seeds