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Matcha Souffle White Chocolate Ganache


Matcha Souffle White Chocolate Ganache
Matcha Souffle White Chocolate Ganache


Soufflé is incredibly easy to make and people should not be intimidated whatsoever by making them at home. For this recipe, I wanted to stick to a fairly traditional recipe with the addition of matcha. If preferred you can simply replace the matcha with vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, lemon or many other ingredients. As for the ganache I wanted something that would melt through the middle of the Soufflé which is a concept created by the great renowned chef Pierre Koffman. With all that said let’s make Soufflé!


1. Start by making a simple ganache, slice 150g of white cooking chocolate into shavings then place into a bowl with a pinch of salt then place to one side. Now add 60ml of double cream to a pan and bring up to a boil. As soon as the cream reaches boiling point add all of the cream to the white chocolate and allow to sit for 1 minute to allow the chocolate to melt. When ready fold in the chocolate into the cream until silky smooth. To lighten up the ganache whisk vigorously with a machine whisk until lighter and pale in colour. When ready place aside to cool down and to lightly set.

2. When the ganache becomes cooler and more manageable to work with, lightly dust your hands with cornflour and shape the ganache into small spheres. When ready dust lightly with matcha powder then place the balls of ganache to one side.
3. Now onto soufflé mix, begin by weighing out all of the ingredients and place into separate bowls to make preparing the soufflés much easier. Line 2 ramekins lightly with butter into the inside of the ramekins then lightly dust with caster sugar ensuring all of the ramekins are evenly coated.

4. Now add 2 egg yolks and 22.5g of sugar to a mixing bowl and whisk until the egg becomes light and fluffly. Add 25g of plain flour to the egg yolk and sugar and mix until a smooth paste is formed then when ready place to one side.

5. Now place 150ml milk and 1 tbsp of matcha power into a pan and bring to a boil. Just before the milk comes to a boil remove from the heat and gradually add the hot milk to the egg yolk mix constantly stirring with a spatula until all the milk is incorporated. (Take care when adding the milk as you do not want to scramble the egg yolks).
6. Add all of the mix back into a pan and place onto a medium heat. Cook slowly until the mix becomes thick, continually mixing with a spatula. (This process is almost the same as making a roux). When ready place the mix into a mixing bowl and allow the matcha mix to slightly cool.

7. For the egg whites place into a bowl with a pinch of salt and whisk until light and fluffy. Now gradually add 22.5g of sugar and continue to whisk until stiff peaks are formed.

8. Add all of the meringue to the cooled matcha paste. Fold in the meringue into the matcha mix until nicely combined taking care not to loose too much air in the mix. (This part of the recipe is important as we want to keep the mix nice and aerated).

9. Now set the oven temperature to 180°c and place a baking tray inside to heat up. Carefully add the the soufflé mix into the ramekins taking care not to spill any of the mix onto the outside of the ramekins. Fill until just about full then clean the rims of the ramekins with your thumb. Gently tap the ramekins onto a work surface to release any unwanted air pockets then place the ramekins onto the hot tray from the oven. Cook the soufflés at 180°c for 22 minutes at the bottom of the oven.

10. When the soufflés are cooked and have significantly risen, remove from the oven and dust lightly with icing sugar and matcha. Serve immediately and place the ganache balls onto the top of the soufflé and allow them to melt through. Hope you enjoy this recipe!!!

Additional notes

You can skip the ganache part of this recipe if you want to make things easier and simply top it with ice cream or even a moose. Instead of using matcha, you could replace it with chocolate powder, vanilla essence, hazelnut cream or pistachio cream to name a few other ideas. You can simply times this recipe by 2 if you want to make it for 4 people…have fun making soufflé!


To serve 2:
2 medium egg yolks
2 medium egg whites
22.5g sugar for yolks
22.5g sugar for whites
150ml milk
25g plain flour
1 tbsp matcha powder
icing sugar for dusting
butter and sugar for lining ramekins
White Chocolate Ganache: (optional)
150g white chocolate
60ml double cream
pinch of salt
cornflour for shaping