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Matcha Milk Bread


Matcha Milk Bread


Milk bread is super soft bread, toasting a slice takes it to another level. For this recipe I wanted to create more of a desert loaf rather than a savoury one. I used the Tangzhong method to make this bread which originates from Taiwan. I definitely recommend eating a toasted slice of this with some fresh bitter green tea. Now let’s bake…



  1. Begin this recipe by making tangzhong, this is essentially a roux. In a pan add 45ml of water, 45ml whole milk then 15g of bread flour, turn the pan onto a low heat and gently whisk until the mix thickens. The consistency should become quite thick and elastic, when we’ve achieved this consistency remove from the pan and allow to cool to room temperature.
2. Next step I recommend weighing out the rest of the dough ingredients apart from the matcha powder and sesame seeds, when ready, in a large mixing bowl add 340g of sieved white flour, 15g of milk powder, 50g sugar, 1 tsp salt and 60g of melted butter (you can use a microwave). Next in a pan gently warm 112ml of milk then once warm (approx 40 degrees centigrade) add 1 tbsp of yeast whisk until disolved and remove from the heat. Leave to rest for 5 minutes then add 1 whole egg and mix together.
3. When ready add the yeast, milk and egg mixture to the bowl of flour followed by the tangzhong we made earlier. Now the dough ingredients are altogether, mix with a spatular until all ingredients are incorporated together. When the ingredients are more manageable begin to kneed the dough by hand for around 5 minutes until smooth (you can use a kitchen aid if you like but for this recipe I made it by hand). When the dough is ready divide into two equal pieces.

4. Roll one half of the dough into a ball then add to a lightly greased bowl (veg oil is fine) and clingfilm. For the other half of the dough add 1 generous tbsp of sieved matcha powder and kneed together until the matcha is even throughout the dough (this may take around 5 minutes). When ready, again shape into a ball then add to a separate lightly greased bowl. Leave the two doughs to prove in a warm area covered in clingfilm for approximately 60 to 90 minutes until doubled in size (you can prove easily by adding a pan of hot water into an oven then place the two bowls on top).

5. When the dough has finished proving it should now be doubled in size, poke a hole in each dough with two fingers to allow the excess air to escape. Next lightly flour the surface and roll each dough with a rolling pin into two equal large rectangles roughly 45cm by 25cm and 1cm thick. When both doughs are roughly equal in size place on top of each other starting with the plain dough on the bottom.

6. Next step cut the the dough into 2 equal halves again and place all four sheets of dough together.

7. Next step roll the dough from the shortest part (like a cigar). Makes sure you try to keep the roll as tight as possible.

8. When rolled place the dough into a loaf tin then allow to prove for a further 30 mintues with clingfilm over the top until the dough as puffed up.

9. Now the dough is finally ready to bake, lightly brush the dough with a drop of milk and egg wash, sprinkle black sesame seeds over the top and bake for 35 minutes at 170 degrees centigrade turning occasionally. When baked remove from the tin and allow to rest on a cool rack for 30 minutes.

Slice and enjoy, this dough takes a lot of work but definitely worth it in the end…

Additional notes

I recommend eating this loaf with green tea, I tried toasting it with a drizzle of honey on top and it turned out great. If you can’t find matcha powder then you could try the same recipe but instead use cocoa powder. Have fun!


For the dough:
340g strong white bread flour
15g skimmed milk powder
50g sugar
1 tsp salt
1 egg
60g melted salted butter
112ml whole milk
1 tbsp fresh yeast (dried active yeast is also fine)
1 tbsp matcha powder
black sesame seeds (optional)
For the Tangzhong:
45ml water
45ml whole milk
15g white bread flour