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Miso Cod – Edamame – Coriander Oil – Tempura Crisp


Miso Cod - Edamame - Coriander Oil - Tempura Crisp


For this Miso cod recipe I wanted to accompany the cod by adding various textures and flavours to a dish that is so simple yet so delicious. This dish does take some time to prepare as the cod needs at least 24 hours to marinade in the miso before cooking, therefore, I will split this recipe up into day 1 and day 2 to make things easier. Overall I was very happy how this dish came out and the flavours throughout the dish worked in harmony with none of the components overpowering the other. Let’s get straight into the recipe.


Day 1
Miso cod:

1. Let’s start by preparing the cod fillet. Check and remove of any pin bones first then using a sharp filleting knife remove the skin starting from the tail end. When removed trim the fillet if needed then keep whole and set to one side.

2. Next onto the miso marinade, in a small mixing bowl add 100g white miso, 40ml mirin, 40ml sake, 10g white sugar and the juice of 1/2 lemon. Mix well whilst stirring in 1 singular direction until the marinade is silky smooth.

3. Now we can add the cod fillet to the marinade ensuring to completely coat the fish in the miso. When ready remove the cod from the marinade and place onto a long sheet of clingfilm. Tightly cover in the cling film then begin to roll the cod as tight as possible into a cylinder using both ends to roll and tighten. When the fish becomes nice and firm, place onto a tray and allow to marinade in the refrigerator for 24-48hrs.

Coriander Oil:

4. An additional component we can also make the day before is the coriander oil, as this takes some time to filter overnight. Start by roughly chopping a bunch of coriander and the green part of 5 spring onions. When chopped add to a food processor along with 50mls of heated ground nut oil and a pinch of salt. blend the herbs for 5 minutes until completely broken down and dark green in colour.

5. The last step to filter the oil is to add a fine sieve onto of a bowl then line the sieve with a muslin cloth or paper towel. Add the pulsed herbs and seal the cloth tightly. Place something lightly weighted over the top and allow the oil to slowly drip over night in the refrigerator. The following day all of the oil should be extracted leaving us with a dark vibrant, fragrant oil.

Day 2
Edamame Puree:

6. Now onto day 2 of this recipe, let’s make a simple yet delicious edamame puree. Start by removing the tips of approx 75g of asparagus then place the tips to one side for now. As for the rest of the asparagus finely slice and also set to one side. Next, open the pods to release the beans of 100g of edamame. Place the beans with the asparagus reserving a small handful of edamame with the asparagus tips (we will use these when finishing the dish). Now add the bulk of the sliced asparagus and edamame to a small saucepan of boiling water and cook the asparagus and edamame for 3 minutes until softened. When cooked drain from the liquid through a sieve.

7. Now blanched, add the edamame and asparagus to a food processor along with 50mls of water and a generous pinch of flakey sea salt. Blend for 5 minutes or until as smooth as possible. When smooth adjust the seasoning if needed then place the puree to one side. The puree can be reheated just before serving by heating in a pan with a small knob of butter.

Tempura Crisp:

8. Just before we cook the miso cod let’s add a little texture to the dish by making a simple tempura crisp/cracker. In a small mixing bowl simply add 30g of plain flour, 40mls of sparkling water, 2 tbsps of furikake seasoning and a pinch of salt. Mix using a spatula or chopsticks until the batter is completely smooth.

9. To cook the crisps, cut hand sized rectangular pieces of grease proof paper then using a spatula spread the batter lightly onto the greaseproof paper. Now heat some oil in a small paper then when hot add the spices of parchment one by one. Fry each sheet for 1-2 minutes until crispy and set then remove from the oil. Peel each crisp from the parchment paper and re fry again if needed until crispy. Place the crisps to one side and we can now cook the cod and finish the dish.

Miso Cod:

10. To cook the miso cod, remove from the fridge and the loin should now have set into its cylinder shape. Remove the cod from the clingfilm and pat dry and to also remove any of the miso marinade. When clean, clingfilm the cod one more time into a tight cylinder and cut into bite sized pieces. Don’t worry about the keeping the clingfilm on at this point as this will help the cod keep its shape during cooking.

11. Now that all of the components are ready we can now cook the cod and bring everything together. Start by placing a saute pan onto a high heat then add a drizzle of cooking oil. Add the miso cod where the fish is exposed leaving the clingfilm on. This may seem odd but it will assist in keeping the shape of the cod during cooking. Fry the cod on one side for 2 minutes then when nicely caramelised flip the fish over onto the other side.

12. When the fish has just been turned, add a touch of butter then add the asparagus tips and edamame reserved from making the puree. Continue to fry the cod and vegetables for a further 2 minutes until the fish is just cooked whilst continuously basting the cod in the butter. When cooked drain the fish and vegetables onto some kitchen paper, remove the clingfilm using a pair of scissors and we are now ready to serve.

13. To serve, reheat the puree in a small pan with a touch of butter until warm. Now to plate, if you made it this far now is the time to have a little creative fun….add the cod to a serving plate, the puree, some edamame and asparagus, the coriander oil, the crisp and finally a few fresh suitable herbs to finish. I went with a few nasturtium as the peppery hit would work with the cod. When all the components are on the plate take a deep breath and nourish…

Additional notes

 As for additional notes then I don’t feel like there’s much to add really, the dish defiantly hit, all the components worked really well together. I guess as for the cod then, salmon or halibut would also work really well…I hope you like the recipe and peace as always!


Total Cook Time: 30 mins
Marinade: 24-48 hrs
Prep Time: 1 hr
To serve 4
Miso Cod:
1 cod loin
100g white miso
40ml mirin
40ml sake
10g white sugar
1/2 lemon (juice)
Edamame Puree:
100g edamame beans
75g asparagus
50ml water
salt to season
Coriander oil:
100g coriander
5 spring onions (green part)
50ml ground nut oil
salt to season
Tempura crisp:
30g plain flour
40ml sparkling water
2 tbsp furikake seasoning
1/2 tsp salt