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Lemon Sole Soy Miso Jus


Lemon Sole Soy Miso Jus


For this dish, I wanted to make a quick and easy dish that could enhance the flavour of the lemon sole. The soy miso jus is quite light, and the miso paired really well with the lemon sole. I decided to pan-fry the fish whole as I much prefer eating fish this way. This recipe should not take long at all, let’s get it!!


  1. To prepare the fish for frying we will need to first remove the outer fins by cutting them with scissors. Then remove the skin on both sides, with a knife at an angle make a small slit on the tail. Next use kitchen roll to help you literally pull of the skin on both sides of the fish, take-care not to damage the flesh. When ready season the fish with 1 tbsp of soy and 1 tbsp of sake then set aside for at least 20 minutes.

2. Next step is to create the jus, begin by frying minced garlic and sliced ginger in a pan with a touch of oil. When fragrant add 3 tbsp of sake and reduce by half. Once reduced add 4 tbsp of soy, 1 tbsp sugar, 200ml of water and chopped enoki mushrooms. Let the stock reduce by half on a medium to high heat. When ready whisk 1 tbsp of miso paste and turn the heat down to a low simmer. If the jus needs thickening dilute a drop of water with a small amount of cornflour and add gradually. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and adjust the seasoning with a touch more water if too strong.

3. To cook the fish, dredge in cornflour then dust off any excess and place into a frying pan with a splash of oil. Fry the fish on a medium to high heat for approximately 5 minutes either side. Towards the end of the cooking add a little butter to the pan to help crisp up the fish. To tell when the fish is cooked simply insert a knife towards the head on the spine and if the knife comes out hot to touch then the fish is cooked.

4. Now to serve, carefully place the fish onto the plate then drizzle the jus over the top. Add sliced spring onions, sliced red chillis and torn up coriander over the top. Serve with rice and a wedge of lemon. Enjoy…

Additional notes

Other fish that you could use for this recipe are cod, Dover sole, turbot or even seabass. If you cant get hold of enoki mushrooms then shiitake or any other kind would be fine. You could grill the fish instead of pan-frying if you wanted to make it even healthier. Have fun making this delicious healthy recipe…


To serve 2
1 whole lemon sole
enoki mushrooms (or shiitake)
1 tsp garlic
1 tsp ginger
1 red chilli (optional)
2 spring onions
bunch of coriander
1 lemon
4 tbsp light soy
3 tbsp sake
1 tbsp white miso
200ml water
1 tbsp sugar