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Beef Gyudon


Beef Gyudon
Beef Gyudon


Beef Gyudon is a super cheap dish that you can find all over Japan. Basically it is boiled beef in stock but there is just something about it that makes it so good. I didn’t want to change this recipe as I could not mess with something that isn’t broken. This dish is quick and delicious and perfect to feed a family in a hurry! Let’s make gyudon!


Soy egg yolks:

  1. Before we begin this recipe wash and cook rice for 4 in usual rice cooker fashion first. To make the cured eggs start by separating 4 duck egg yolks from the whites then place the yolks into a small bowl. Keep the egg whites as these can also be used for scrambled eggs. To the egg yolks now add 50mls of light soy and 50mls of mirin. Ensure the egg yolks are covered and allow to cure for 1-4 hours in the refrigerator. The longer the egg yolks are left to cure the more candy like the texture will be.

Dashi Stock:

2. Next to make dashi, add 5g of kombu and 3 dried shiitake mushrooms to 450ml of cold water in a pan for 15 minutes off the heat. Next place the pan onto a medium heat and bring the stock up to 70°c. When ready remove and discard the kombu then add 5g of bonito flakes and turn the heat up to high. Allow the stock to infuse for around 10-15 minutes.

3. After 10-15 minutes turn off the heat and allow the stock to infuse even further for 15 minutes (almost like a pot of tea). Next pass the stock through a fine sieve and we now have a basic dashi stock which will form as the base sauce for the gyudon.


4. Now that we have our dashi and soy eggs curing, we can move onto preparing the remaining ingredients. For the beef slice approximately 500g of beef ribeye into thin bite sized pieces. When sliced, place the beef to one side for now.


5. Now onto preparing a few vegetables, slice a whole white onion in half then cut into 1cm thick slices. Slice 5g of ginger into a small julienne and finely slice a bunch of spring onions. Place the vegetables along with the beef and we will add these to the broth later.

6. Now let’s cook, in a large pan add all of the dashi stock made earlier and bring up to a simmer. Next add the soy, mirin, sugar and sake then reduce the liquid by half. When reduced add the sliced onion and ginger and cook for 2-3 minutes until the onion becomes softened.

7. Finally add the raw beef then season with a pinch of salt and black pepper then turn the heat to high and continue to reduce and to cook the beef. When the beef is cooked and the liquid is intensified adjust the seasoning if needed, then we are now ready to serve.

8. To serve, fill up a few serving bowls with some fresh steamed rice then layer the cooked beef over the top. Drizzle some of the remaining sauce over the beef then place a cured egg yolk over the top. Top with some optional togarashi seasoning and some sliced spring onions to lighten things up. Have fun making this super simple bowl of gyudon!

Additional notes

To make this bowl of gyudon much healthier then instead of ribeye then you could use beef fillet. The best method of slicing beef as thin as possible is to freeze it first then when semi defrosted slice into strips. To save some time on the dish then the dashi could be made the night before and as for the soy eggs then regular poached eggs also work well with gyudon. I hope you like this recipe and as always peace!


Cook Time: 30 minutes / Prep Time 20 minutes / Curing 1-4 hrs
To serve 4
Key Ingredients:
500g beef ribeye
1 whole onion
5g sliced ginger
5 spring onions
75ml light soy
50ml sake
50ml mirin
2 tbsp sugar
shichimi pepper (optional)
Soy egg yolks:
4 duck eggs or regular eggs
50ml mirin
50ml light soy
Dashi stock:
5g kombu
5g bonito flakes
3 dried shiitakes
450ml water